What's the score?

It’s half time... and everybody’s losing.

Three years on and Brexit has so far managed to damage our economy, divide our communities, and devastate our collective trust in politicians and the media alike; fundamentally, Brexit has proven to be the wrong answer to the right questions. It’s time to build a better Britain, in a better Europe , in a better world.


Wtf is going on?

In a word: chaos.


Brexit has all-but-imploded under the weight of its own contradictions and absurdities, leaving a trail of damaged reputations, wasted money and failed Prime Ministers in its wake. The country is desperate to move on, which is why Inspire EU will be upping its campaigning efforts over the coming months to ensure that we, the people, get the final say on Brexit.

What the EU has done for us?


Inspire EU in a nutshell


Co-founded by the Dart brothers back in 2018, Inspire EU is one of the most active campaign youth groups in the UK campaigning for a FinalSay on the negotiated deal. Here at Inspire EU, we believe that the European Union - flawed as it is, and in urgent need of reform - is one of Europe’s greatest collective achievements to date.

Europe is peace, Europe is prosperity, Europe is hope, Europe is the future, and Inspire EU hope to inspire others by highlighting the critical work that it does in protecting our environment, ensuring our standards and defending our rights.


Who are we?

Jack Dart


James Dart


In 2018, Jack deferred the 2nd year of his law degree in order to fight Brexit full time. Since then, Jack, along with his brother James, has organised, run and attended countless EU related events all around the country, co-founding Inspire EU along the way. Jack is campaigning for a #FinalSay on the Brexit deal and won’t rest until the job is done.

James is a former school teacher who left his job in 2017 to study European politics in the hope of better understanding the Brexit phenomenon. James co-founded Inspire EU and Exeter Students for Europe with his brother Jack in order to campaign for a #FinalSay on the Brexit deal, as well as putting the positive case for the EU to people.

How to help!

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